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Fashion Forecast: Spring 2024 shows crochet items, funky pants

Courtesy Photo | MSU Fashion Board
Metallics will make a fashionable statement this Spring.

As the summer months approach and the cold, winter weather comes to an end, fashion trends must adapt to match the changing climate. Luckily, this year I am predicting more originality and less mismatched athleisure for the fashion trends of spring.

Homemade Crochet

Homemade crochet is back again for another spring trend. This year, I expect the crochet pieces to be bolder than ever before. I think we will see a lot of bulky yarn cardigans, see-through overlays and a variety of different bags.

I hope to see more originality and less micro-trend patterns this year, maybe something besides floral and checkered print. Anyone handy with a crochet hook and yarn should let me know, as I desperately want a comfy, crocheted throw blanket.

Personality Pants

Unlike most outfits, pants are beginning to take the wheel on a lot of fashion trends. Whether it is fringe, sequins or unique pockets and stitching, pants are beginning to become the focal point of most outfit ensembles. I appreciate how unique personality traits can be expressed through the cut of jeans or linen pants.

I know low-rise jeans have been a trend for the past year, but I expect skinny, high-waisted jeans to slowly come back in style — whether we like it or not. Flare has officially run its course and I expect more people to opt for bootcut or fitted jeans.

Nude Minimalist

As usual, Kim Kardashian has successfully influenced national fashion trends and spread the nude minimalist aesthetic. I expect nude colors to stay popular and make their way into swimwear and activewear. These outfits will most likely be monochromatic and add a classy twist to a simple outfit.

Additionally, I am expecting makeup to stay minimal and mainly nude: time to break out your Naked by Urban Decay eyeshadow pallet. As Skims becomes more mainstream, nude colors will be relayed onto many dupes and Amazon knockoffs.

Giant Tote Bags

The micro-purse and tiny clutch are out, and giant, beach-like tote bags are in. Taking a trip to Aldi? Bring a giant tote bag to avoid paying for paper ones. If students are in need of carrying a laptop without a backpack, a giant tote bag is the answer. In fact, I have noticed many students using a tote bag in replacement of a traditional school backpack.

Despite the shoulder pain it may induce, it matches every outfit and makes the wearer’s vibe more unique. Additionally, I expect the increase in homemade crochet to translate to bags as well. This makes the style flexible to any aesthetic and provides a sustainable way to shop.

Metallic Materials

Much like the Renaissance Beyonce tour or the viral Zara pants, metallic clothing is starting to become more widespread. Whether a swimsuit set or fitted dress, I expect to see metallic outfits at almost any social event this spring.

Many metallic skirt sets and shoes should be expected at the bars in Starkville. Despite my personal taste, Golden Goose sneakers are as infamous as always and are a comfortable option to spice up any outfit. Additionally, I am starting to see a resurgence of silver jewelry, specifically to compliment other metallic accessories.

Like always, you should dress in whatever you feel comfortable and confident in. No matter the trend, personality always looks best.

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Lizzie Tomlin
Lizzie Tomlin, Staff Writer
Lizzie Tomlin is a senior political science major. Lizzie is currently a staff writer for The Reflector.
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