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Staff Collaboration: What we wish we were told as new students

Ivy Rose Ball
Reflector staff holding awards won at the Mississippi Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest.

For some of us, our time here at Mississippi State University is coming to an end. College is a time of extreme growth and change, and we have seen this in our time at MSU no matter how long that we have been here. In order to circumvent some of the mistakes we may or may not have made in years prior, we compiled some advice we wish someone had told us when our cowbells were just coming out of the box.

Megan Gordon, Former Life & Entertainment Editor

Be kind to the staff here, they are the greatest human beings ever and make this place feel like home for you. Whether it be cleaning, dining services or any other seemingly minuscule thing that they do, they do it for those on campus. Have some conversations with them and you will not be disappointed. They each have a kind heart and a story to tell, and being their friend is an amazing thing.

Holly Harrison, Staff Writer

You can change your major more than once if you hate your new major and realize engineering is not completely for you. This happens when you come into college thinking you have to stay in a certain major field or else you are not achieving what your potential is. However, when you step back and look at what your real interests are, it will help you find what your true purpose is. More than likely, this will carry you towards more success in your later college career, and you’ll begin to enjoy classes and beyond.

Rose Doyle, Staff Writer

Take that risk that you’re scared will set you back apply for all the things you want and conversely don’t be so hung up on school that you forget to enjoy the moments that are happening now; don’t plan so far ahead that you miss spending time and making memories today.

Josh Britt, Former Editor-in-Chief

It is okay if you do not look or dress exactly like everybody else you will come to realize how important it is to be your own person, and people will respect you for that.

Kennedy Keyes, Former Online Editor

Mississippi is not your bounding box. Being from Mississippi, or any place for that matter, should not limit one’s aspirations, opportunities or experiences. I come from Taylorsville, MS. Being surrounded by family can be comforting, but also limiting. Many have become content, treating the state like a bounding box they cannot step out of, unable to break free from their fears or venture out to explore new possibilities. Now as I stand on the brink of graduation, I make it a point to tell everyone that there is a world beyond Mississippi. There are countless opportunities out there, and surprisingly, they are looking for Mississippians.

John Baladi, Life & Entertainment Editor

Do your best to become well rounded. Seek out new interests every chance you get and practice your craft when it comes to hobbies you excel in. Do not allow yourself to fall under the lie that is “I do not have enough time” as too often experiences and opportunities are missed out on because of that. Do not cut yourself off from niche communities and genres, as simple knowledge about a subject will go a long way often times in unexpected circumstances. However, keep close that one celebrity you cannot stand for absolutely no reason, we all have one.

Lucy Hallmark, Opinion Editor

Failure is not the scariest thing on Earth. Your worth is not tied to a grade or an acceptance. Be kind to the people around you as much as humanly possible it benefits yourself just as much as the recipient of your kindness. Finally, for the love of God, do not treat that Chemistry Lab as an easy class TA’s can be very unpredictable.

Grace Sullivan, Staff Writer

Go after that major you really want but deep down are too scared to do. More than likely you will be ten times happier than whatever you chose to please others. Realizing that your happiness and what you want out of your own life is more important than what anyone else wants for you is especially important because it is your life not theirs. College can become lonely when you don’t love what you are studying so just go for your dream and choose your own happiness.

Generalities from the staff

Outside of the heavy hitters here, we also wanted to mention some advice on a smaller scale, these will not break the bank, but could very much help you in the long run.

“Smile more.”

“Eat your vegetables.”

“Love comes unexpectedly”

“Invest in a good showerhead, a good shower is therapy.”

“Do not have ‘slumber parties’ in dorm lobbies.”

“Never fear an application.”

“Look both ways.”

“Shop vintage.”

“Do not sweat a failed test, you can always bounce back.”

“Under no circumstances do you absolutely have to bleach your hair.”

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