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Put me in coach: MSU offers wide range of sports clubs for all students

Courtesy | MSU Club Soccer
MSU club soccer team celebrates end of the year at Lost Pizza Co.

Mississippi State University boasts a multifaceted sports scene that extends beyond varsity athletics. Our versatile sports spread showcases MSU’s prowess not only in championship victories like our 2021 College World Series or our football team’s No. 1 ranking in the inaugural College Football Playoff rankings but with numerous athletic clubs and teams open to any and every type of student.

The university’s sports offerings encompass a diverse range of engaging activities, from 22 club sports and eight intramural options to an active esports Club, ensuring there is something for every interest and skill level.

This vibrant sports culture is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and community, providing opportunities for all students to enjoy and stay active on campus.

Club sports embody a vibrant blend of passion, friendship and athleticism, led by student-driven initiatives that bring together enthusiasts of various sports like soccer, volleyball and ultimate frisbee.

These teams operate with a relaxed atmosphere, welcoming players of all skill levels and fostering a close-knit community marked by mutual support both on and off the field. The inclusive nature of club sports not only encourages physical activity but also nurtures friendships and cultivates leadership skills through event coordination and team management, contributing significantly to the overall well-being of our campus community.

On the flip side, intramural sports offer a localized and accessible platform for participation, organized through University Recreation and open to all Mississippi State members willing to form a team and pay the required fees. Whether it is the excitement of flag football or the nostalgia of kickball, intramural programs cater to diverse preferences, promoting friendly competition and enduring connections among individuals from various backgrounds and skill levels.

Emphasizing fun and camaraderie alongside intense rivalry, intramural sports play a crucial role in fostering community bonds, extending their warm embrace to faculty and staff members who further enrich the university’s vibrant social fabric.

While not classified as a club or intramural activity, Mississippi State Esports offers another avenue for student engagement. With over 20  competitive rosters across 17 different esports titles, MSU Esports competes nationally in leagues such as Tespa, Clash Royale League, Collegiate StarLeague and American Video Game League, boasting numerous nationally placed teams.

There is ample opportunity for every student at Mississippi State University to find their niche and get involved, regardless if they are incoming freshmen or super-senior. The university’s diverse array of sports organizations fosters a strong sense of community and belonging, ensuring that everyone who seeks it can find a place to thrive and contribute to our vibrant campus culture.

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Noah McCord
Noah McCord, Sports Editor
Noah McCord is a sophomore aerospace engineering major. He currently serves as the Sports Editor. [email protected]
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