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Darkhorse ultimate frisbee hosts Golden Triangle Invitational

Ivy Rose Ball
Freshman Madison Glidewell is one of few rookies on the A team.

Mississippi State University’s men’s ultimate frisbee team, Darkhorse, hosted the Golden Triangle Invitational Feb. 9-10. Louisiana State University, University of Alabama and Auburn University were among the teams that traveled to Columbus to play in the group of 14 total teams who competed for a $1,000 prize pool.

Ultimate frisbee is a 7-on-7 non-contact sport in which the team with offensive possession of the frisbee passes it until they score by catching it in the end zone. Once the disc is caught, the player must stop their progress, establish a pivot foot and pass the frisbee. If the frisbee hits the ground, it results in a turnover.

Ultimate frisbee is self-officiated at the collegiate level. Daniel Hurley, a junior aerospace engineering major, said that this aspect, often referred to as the Spirit of the Game, encourages honesty, respect and sportsmanship between opposing teams.

“That’s something really unique to ultimate,” Hurley said. “Because ultimate is ultimately community. It’s bigger than the competitive aspect of it. I love to see, at this college level, when teams get together after the game to compliment the other team. After all, we’re all one big family.”

Darkhorse has hosted three home tournaments so far this season — an impressive number compared to the two tournaments over the past two years. Dawson Archer, a senior history major and Darkhorse club president, said that the highlight of the year has been Cowbell Classic, an annual tournament hosted in the Fall.

“The most we’ve ever brought to this tournament was 12 or 13 teams,” Archer said. “This year, we brought 24 teams across the southeast. It was a big moment that we’re all really proud of. Really good competition.”

The Golden Triangle Invitationals started under Friday night lights. MSU B, Darkhorse’s development team, suffered a 7-15 loss against the Union University Jaxx, while MSU A, Darkhorse’s primary team, squeaked by a 12-11 victory against LSU’s Purple Haze.

Early the next morning, overcast skies threatened rain as the teams showed up to play. Both Darkhorse teams started the day with a win with MSU A beating the Berry College Bucks and MSU B winning against the Jacksonville Firebirds.

In the next games, MSU A defeated the Firebirds, lost against Purdue University and the Auburn University Aetos, but went on to blowout the Harding University Apocalypse in an 8-0 victory. MSU A ended the night with a 4-2 record.

MSU B lost the last three games, playing the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Swamp Donkeys, the Berry College Bucks, the University of Alabama Yellow Hammer and the Vanderbilt Armada.

Despite the losses, B team captain and Darkhorse vice president Cooper Daras still holds a positive outlook on the developing team.

“You know, I’m happy. I think we’ve had some peaks, some valleys, but overall, I think we’re improving,” Daras said. “I’m seeing a lot of individual improvement, and I’m seeing people improve upon their mistakes, and that’s what I’m really happy seeing.”

After the tournament, Daniel Grisham, senior English major and a Darkhorse captain, remains confident that Darkhorse to go far this season.

“Our goal is to win, make it to nationals, and win that thing,” Grisham said. “We don’t want to sell ourselves for anything less.”

Next up, Darkhorse is set to play on the road at LSU’s home tournament, Mardi Gras Classic, on Feb. 23 and 24.

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Kate Myers, News Editor
Kate Myers is a freshman communication major. She currently serves as the News Editor. [email protected]
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