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‘Down to Game’ creates new space for entertainment

Olivia Zeringue
Down to Game is creating a creative way for citizens of Starkville to be entertained through table top board games and card games.

Down to Game, located at 418 East Lee Blvd. is offering students new ways to spend their free time in Starkville. Opening during the summer, Down to Game is a retail store that sells board games, card games, role playing game books and game-related memorabilia. 

Owner Jeff Jones is well aware of the lack of regular entertainment available in Starkville, especially for children.

“The reason we opened here is that there is really nothing for kids to do here,” Jones said. “They can either go to the movie theater or the skating rink, and even that is not an option when the skating rink is booked. So there seemed to be an open market and we decided to open here.”

However, children are not the only ones who will find something to enjoy at Down to Game. Entering the store, customers will see several long tables set up for game play. Someone interested in bringing in and playing any game of their own can, so long as the game is appropriate.

“We like having games played here where people can walk up and see people playing a game that looks fun to them.” Jones said.

Down to Game host several weekly tournaments and themed gaming nights. A trading card game called Magic: The Gathering is both the most popular game at the store, drawing as many as 50 people for tournaments, as well as the focus of most weekly events. The easiest version of Magic for new players to participate in is a draft. Magic drafts occur at 6:30 p.m. on Fridays. Magic is played under modern and standard rules on Sunday and Wednesday nights respectively. 

Participating in a draft costs $15 but included in that price are three booster packs worth of Magic cards. Modern and standard both have a $5 entry fee, but the participant must bring their own cards. Successful players can earn prizes playing in all three versions of Magic.

Players interested in card games can also join in Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments at 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Players must bring their own cards as well as a $5 entry fee. Top players will receive prizes.

For those interested in miniatures gaming, Monday nights are X-Wing nights at Down to Game because X-Wing and other miniature games are popular at the store throughout the week. Miniature games are referred to as such because of the use of small plastic or metal pieces being used to represent game characters and vehicles. In the case of X-Wing, the most popular miniature game at Down to Game, the miniatures represent vehicles from the Star Wars universe.

Sundays are role playing days with games being run including classic fantasy game systems such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder as well as newer games like Warmachine. Warmachine is a steam punk themed role playing game, which Jones believes to be the game with the fastest-growing fan base at Down to Game, with the other being X-Wing. 

On Saturdays players can participate in Lets Plays. During Lets Plays, players have the opportunity to try out a new game at Down to Game without having to make any purchases. Saturdays, along with Tuesdays, are also big board game nights, although these games are available in the back of the store any day of the week.

Participating in Lets Plays is free at Down to Game, along with playing in any of the board, miniature or role-playing games. Down to Game offers a friendly gaming environment to anyone interested in trying out a new type of gaming or rediscovering an old favorite. Down to Game is open from noon until midnight or later seven days a week.

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‘Down to Game’ creates new space for entertainment