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The American political system is immoral

In the aftermath of the presidential election, I advocate that we all save our sanity and simply reject politics. Reject politics, some might ask, what do you mean by that? 

Well, first let me tell you what I do not mean. I do not mean to entirely reject discussions of the political realm. 

Never stop questioning those who hold power, why they hold power and wondering to what extent anyone’s power should extend. 

Always engage in dialogue with your peers, whether they are like minded or not—this reaffirms your positions or forces you to adopt new ones. 

When I say we should all reject politics, I mean we should all reject the political processes that dominate our lives. 

It sounds radical, sure, but once you take a step in this direction you can slowly feel the chains of bondage loosening. Then, at a certain point, they crumble altogether. 

Politics, as we know it, has no moral foundation. It is a world completely separate from our own and it never effectively promotes change for the better. Upon investigation, the logical conclusion is to reject politics and choose freedom. 

The hysteria that has surfaced after Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton in the presidential race is a prime example of why we should reject politics. 

It is kind of hilarious to see how Clinton supporters have had their world turned upside down by Trump’s election, and how they have been reacting accordingly. 

Sure, we all believed Clinton would win—I was quite certain Trump had about a snowball’s chance in Hell at winning this election–but he did. 

Now, we must either accept the results of the system or join the dark side and realize the system is illegitimate. 

If you are this terrified of what could happen if the wrong person is elected president, doesn’t that mean the president has too much power to begin with? You cannot support an all expansive state only when your candidate of choice is the victor. 

Either big government is bad or it is good; there is no logical foundation in the assertion big government is good when in the hands of a certain faction. 

I cannot stand Trump’s hardline stances of social conservatism, but he has already begun the infamous shuffle all presidents make back towards the center of the political field. 

According to NBC News, Trump has now admitted that his border wall may just be a fence in certain areas. CNN states that Trump has also admitted he does not plan to fully repeal Obamacare.  

This return to political center happens every time we elect a president, so I cannot understand why people have still not wised up to the game. 

Right wing nationalism is scary, just as left wing socialism is; however, neither are likely to occur in our lifetime because the political system is built to ensure everyone feels they are in control. People are never ready for massive political upheaval. 

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, At some point you have preached the gospel of American democracy to some delinquent that did not believe democracy is the greatest achievement in human history. 

You cannot act as if the system only works when your candidate wins. This goes for both parties, seeing as Republicans had a comparable collective meltdown after Obama won re-election. 

I argue that our political system is not only flawed; it is immoral. Democracy, simply put, is mob rule. Scoff, roll your eyes, do whatever makes you feel better, but you can no longer shy away from the realization that this system is likened to that of a lynch mob. 

In the lynch mob, those doing the lynching are the majority. Does the fact that the mob is in the majority in the situation, and those being lynched are in the few, make the situation just or moral? No! The lynch mob is atrocious, and seeks to violate the rights of those with whom they choose to harm. 

When you strip democracy of the glamour that we have afforded it, how is it any different? 

According to the Mises Institute, democracy has been likened to two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. In a democratic system, the majority can effectively decide who has rights and who does not. 

In systems such as these, minorities are simply out of luck, should the majority decide to exterminate them. Does electing the lynch mob validate the mob? 

Does the fact that the modern-day lynch mob resides in chambers in the capitol make it any less of a mob? I answer with a resounding “no.”

It is immoral to subject 49 percent of the population to the will of the 51 percent. By partaking in the political process, we are effectively agreeing that the minority is subjected to the dominance of the majority simply because their numbers were not favorable. 

If you need an example of the modern, democratically elected, lynch mob, look no further than Nazi Germany. 

Were the Jewish citizens of Germany deserving of their treatment simply because the majority was in favor of it? I think we all know the answer to that. 

In conclusion, politics is nasty business that brings the worst out of us. Humans are not mean to be domineered over by an all-powerful institution such as a government. 

We are born slaves and many of us will die slaves. Very few people ever truly come to the realization that we, at this point in human development, no longer need politics. 

Once you cross over to the dark side and feel the chains break free, it is a huge relief. 

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The American political system is immoral