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Get Out Starkville offers unique opportunity for students

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Get Out Starkville brought the concept of “Escape Rooms” to Starkville. It is $25 per participant to partake in the game and there are several themes available including Professor Prescott and Dr. Hubert’s Laboratory. Entire rooms can be bought out for groups of at least five. 

The unique, interactive gaming adventure known as “Escape Rooms” has made its way to Starkville.

Larger cities, like Memphis and Orlando, made their Escape Rooms well-known tourist attractions. Mike Frayser, however, owner of Get Out Starkville, wanted to bring the Escape Room craze to Starkville for two reasons only.

“There isn’t much for anyone to do in Starkville other than going to the movie theatre or going to the bar, and I wanted the students, especially my son, to be able to do something and experience something different,” Frayser said.

In Get Out Starkville, there are three different “Escape Rooms” the team can choose from: Professor Prescott, Dr. Hubert’s Laboratory and Abduction. 

Along with each of these intense Escape Rooms being completely live, interactive, and team-based, all three rooms also have a unique introduction and background.

For example, Professor Prescott is centered on a vengeful, Mississippi State computer science professor whose plan is to destroy all of the United States’ electronic networks. Dr. Hubert’s Laboratory is about a chemical engineering professor who was rumored to have created a dangerous, airborne virus. The last escape room, Abduction, is about a patient in an insane asylum who has been kidnapping people and locking them in a hospital.

Frayser has a favorite of the three rooms.

“Each room has different levels of difficulty, but Professor Prescott is my favorite,” Frayser said.

All three of the Escape Rooms are completely unique, due to the fact that a different person created each room. Each member of the team can bring a new aspect to solving the mystery. 

Similar to the reason each room was made by a different person, each member of the team can bring a new aspect to solving the mystery.

Joshua Zdon, freshman secondary education major, said he played Professor Prescott, one of the most popular escape rooms, this weekend.

“It was the most fun I’ve had since I’ve been in Starkville,” Zdon said. “I think everyone should go try it before the school year ends.” 

It is $25 per participant to play in one of the escape rooms and each room accommodates up to eight people. Although eight is the maximum limit per room, the website, said about four-six people is ideal. 

If a group of players would like to book an entire room to ensure it will not be available to anyone else, at least five of the eight spots must be purchased. 

Get Out Starkville’s operating hours are Thursday from 4-10 p.m., Friday 4 p.m.-11:30 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m.-11:30 p.m. and Sunday from 1-8 p.m. For booking purposes, all players or teams can call the store at (662)769-7689.


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Get Out Starkville offers unique opportunity for students