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Student Spotlight: Sarah Grace Parker

Sarah Grace Parker | Courtesy Photo
Student Spotlight: Sarah Grace Parker

Sarah Grace Parker is a senior communication major with an emphasis in public relations, but she is not just a full-time Mississippi State University student. Parker is also a baker and entrepreneur. The Mississippi State University student created her own baking company called Meri Mermaid Baking Company. Many people only know her as Sarah Grace, but her family, friends and customers know her for her baked goods.

Parker grew up in Clinton, Mississippi and graduated from Clinton High School in 2016. Parker only applied to MSU. She said if her application was denied, she would have started her baking company three years ago.

“This was my only option. If I hadn’t made it in, I would not have gotten a college degree, but I am very glad that I did,” Parker said.

Parker originally started her college career as a nutrition major because she always knew that she wanted to have a job involving food.

Erica Parker, Sarah Grace’s mother, said her daughter has always been creative. 

“Sarah Grace is my creative child. She always loved to draw, dance, and perform and can spin a tale like no other. Creative writing is just one of her talents. She was even in gifted classes in elementary school,” Erica Parker said.

Sarah Grace Parker has always been known to be extremely driven in her daily life, as well as her baking. 

“This was the very first day of PR Production when everyone didn’t exactly know what they were doing, and I said I’ve had my life planned out since I was 11,” Parker said. “I have always known that I wanted to own my baking company. If I know I can do it, I want to do it, and if I have confidence in myself that I can do it, then I’m going to.”

Erica Parker expressed how proud she is of her daughter and all she has accomplished. 

“She makes me and her daddy proud all the time, but her sense of pride in ownership has been great to watch,” Erica said. “She is detail-oriented and knows that every order she fills is a reflection of her business and her as a person. We are excited to see her grow personally as professionally.”

Parker has always had a thing for mermaids, and that is what influenced her to pick the name of her company. 

“My hair is red because of The Little Mermaid,” Parker said. “My mermaid deal didn’t begin until eighth grade. Then that’s when I was like, ‘Mermaids? I like it. Let’s go with it.’ So one day, I was working, and I just knew I wanted to make my company mermaid themed.”

Parker has stood out to her family and friends due to her dedication to her school work and Meri Mermaid Baking Company. Erica said why her company may stand out more than others.

“I think the quality of her work and affordability of the products are what seem to be making her business a success. She has the sincere support of not only friends and family but also the clients and contacts she has gained since starting in June,” Erica Parker said.

John Dennis, a senior majoring in communication emphasis in public relations, has had multiple classes with Parker. Through these classes, he has seen her determination and love for Meri Mermaid Baking Company.

“On the first day of class, I could clearly see she was passionate about her work and the future she has planned,” Dennis said. “Throughout our time together in class, I was able to see some of her work and how much time and effort she put into her baking. She is very skilled and her future with Meri Mermaid Baking Company is very bright.”

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Student Spotlight: Sarah Grace Parker