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There is a spooky film for everyone this Halloween season

The Shining

With Halloween just around the corner, many people have incorporated scary movies into their media repertoire to get into the spooky spirit. Mississippi State University students are no different, so grab your apple cider and a blanket to hide behind as you choose your next seasonal film.

A recent Instagram poll conducted by a Reflector staff member showed what top three movies college students seem to enjoy at Halloween gatherings. Of the students who participated in the poll, “The Shining” won with 26% of students, “Hocus Pocus” was in second with 17%, and the “Halloween” series came in last with 13%. Most students did not specify which Halloween movie they preferred in the poll.

“The Shining” is a psychological thriller about Jack Torrance, who takes the job of taking care of a hotel through the winter. This is the movie responsible for creating the iconic meme, “Here’s Johnny!”

Even though he was warned about the previous caretaker murdering his wife and two daughters, Jack, his wife and his son move to the hotel. Jack believes it is a great way to help him write his book with the peace that this job offers him. However, the peace and quiet are too much for him, and it is this abundance of silence which drives him mad, just like the past caretaker.

Walker Harris, a junior industrial technology major, enjoys “The Shining” and voted for the film in the poll.

“It’s different. ‘The Shining’ did not follow the typical trend of thriller movies. It is a slow burn movie, meaning it takes a while for it to build up. It was revolutionary for its time,” Harris said.

“Hocus Pocus” is a dark humor movie that is open for children to watch, as it was created by Disney. The film begins in 1693 in Salem with the hanging of three sisters. The three witches who are hung vow to return in 300 years on Halloween to take their revenge.

After 300 years have passed, a young man named Max explores the witches’ old house and lights the candle of black flame, against his sister and girlfriend’s caution. Upon lighting the candle, the witches appear and comedically cause chaos throughout the town to try and get their precious spell book back from the three kids who took off with it.

“Hocus Pocus” is a favorite of Ryan Harfst’s, a senior in wildlife, fisheries and aquaculture.

“I’m more of a fan of comedy than horror. And that movie is funny and fun to watch with friends, but it also has a good storyline to it,” Harfst said.

The 2018 “Halloween” movie has little more backstory than meets the eye. It starts as two journalists try to unravel the story behind Michael Myers, a serial killer. They both carry around the mask that Michael Myers wears. When seeing him, one of the journalists holds up the mask behind Michael saying, “You can feel the mask,” as the other mental health patients start to scream around them. This is the little backstory that is offered to the viewer.

In the 1978 “Halloween” movie which is directed by John Carpenter, the back story is relatively close to most slasher films. Michael is a 6-year-old kid whose sister chooses to pay attention to her boyfriend rather than keeping an eye on him. Michael stalks them throughout the house while their parents are out and kills his teenage sister once her boyfriend leaves. The next time the viewer sees Michael is when he is escaping a mental institution.

Starkville citizen Jordan Tribble is a personal fan of the 1978 “Halloween.”

“I enjoyed them both, but I liked the original for its classic horror style. The 2018 one was alright. I felt like it was a bit too different from the original with how they portray Michael,” Tribble said.

Whether you prefer a psychological thriller, a playful comedy or a true horror film, there is truly something for everyone who wants to get into the Halloween “spirit” this October. 

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There is a spooky film for everyone this Halloween season