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10 websites students should view

College can be stressful causing students search for ways to relieve some stress. Here are 10 websites that were designed to ease the stress of college life.  

According to the [Sr]Trends website and the College Info Geek blog lists,  these websites were listed as helpful for college students. Quizlet, Rate My Professors, Prezi, Thesaurus, Wolfram Alpha, Written Kitten and Msstate provide tips for studying, searching for the perfect professor, managing money, working on essays and presentations and keeping up with what goes on at school. Mint, College Humor and Audible are helpful for budgeting money and de-stressing from the college work load. 

Quizlet is a website that allows students to create online flashcards for any subject. Students can also search for flash cards other students may have previously created for a class and can keep track of their studying process. 

Rate My Professors allows students to search for certain professors at their school and read reviews about the professor and class from other students. Many college and university professors can be found on Rate My Professors, including Mississippi State University. The web address is

Alex Mazzola, sophomore biology pre-med major, said she likes to use the site in order to gain insight on classes and teachers. 

“I like to use this site before signing up for classes because I can see what other students think about professors and their classes,” she said.

Preszi allows students to create professional presentations. It has a variety for  themes to choose from and can help make students’ presentations fit the given requirements.  

Thesaurus is an online thesaurus used more often than not by students on papers. It is used to help students construct well-written papers without sounding too repetitive while also helping them to gain more knowledge of writing. The web address is

Wolfram Alpha can calculate most mathematical problems. It will give the answer and the steps to work out the problems. This site often shows many different ways to solve problems. Check out the website at

Written Kitten is meant to be a motivational way in writing papers. Students set goals and each time they reach that goal, a picture of a kitten pops up on the screen. This provides somewhat of an incentive for students to continue writing. 

Msstate is, of course, MSU’s website. It is probably the most important website students on this campus should use. It is where students can be made aware of what’s happening on campus, and it’s where myState and myCourses can be accessed. 

Mint gives students a breakdown of their budget and keeps track of all their transactions. It is used as an overall budget manager. 

College Humor offers exactly what the name implies. Students can take a break from homework and check out the content own this website for humor and pleasure. This site can be found at

Audible allows students to purchase audio books to listen to while on the way to class or during any of their free time. It also provides a way to listen to those extra reading books that professors may require for class. The web address for this site is

So if you start feeling like you cannot handle the stress you are feeling from the overwhelming workload, check out these websites for a little motivation.

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10 websites students should view