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ABC shows return with a bang

Two of the most highly anticipated TV series of the year are back. Created by Shonda Rhimes, “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder” premiered their winter seasons with a bang, claiming the No. 1 and No. 2 spots, respectively, for the highest rated shows on Thursday night television.

In the premiere episode of “Scandal,” titled “Run,” female lead Olivia Pope is taken from her apartment and locked away in hopes to mentally break her. While she is locked away, she fanaticizes about being rescued by her boyfriend Jake and living happily ever after with the President of the United States.

Once Olivia mustered up the courage to escape the hands of the kidnappers, she soon discovers there is no way out, triggering a sense of trained helplessness. writes this new season of “Scandal” holds a world full of new possibilities for the series.

“‘Run’ is the best ‘Scandal’ episode since season two,” posted. “‘Run’ was filled with tension, twists and more emotional unpacking than ever before.”

On campus, students have been awaiting the return of “Scandal.”

Kantrea Harris, senior accounting and management major, said she has developed an attachment to the show and was completely blown away by the season premiere.

“I found myself practically yelling at the TV screen like it would somehow save Olivia Pope,” Harris said.

Immediately following “Scandal,” the winter season of “How to Get Away with Murder” premiered with high shock value.

In this episode, attorney Annalise Keating helps her top five students, known as the “Keating Five,”cover up the murder of her husband, Professor Sam Keating, by making him the prime suspect in another murder of a female college student with whom he was having an affair.

Back on campus, “HTGAWM” also seems to be a hit. This psychological thriller has captured the attention of college students of all fields of study, but specifically that of psychology majors.

April Freelon, senior psychology major, said she finds herself making pointless attempts to get into the minds of the “Keating Five.”

“Trying to anticipate their moves is a waste of time because that would actually require them to be logical thinkers, which has proven to be impossible due to the fact that they aspire to be beacons of the law, but spend 75 percent of their time breaking it,” Freelon

Students are not the only fans of the “Keating 5.” According to, “HTGAWM” has exceeded expectations.

“It was remarkable to once again see how brilliant, resourceful and daring the ‘Keating Five’ could be, working their magic to pinpoint the evidence of motive and opportunity that Sam would have had for killing Lila, enough to force the D.A. to drop the charges against Rebecca and put the spotlight on a manhunt for Sam instead,” posted.

“Scandal” and “HTGAWM” returned from their hiatuses at full force, not only wowing their audiences and leaving them completely blown away, but also making ABC the No. 1 watched network Thursday night.

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ABC shows return with a bang