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SI sessions are worth the effort


A graphic for an article explaining how underutilized si are and how helpful they can be.

Chances are, if you have spent any significant amount of time at Mississippi State University, you will have encountered a class that offers Supplemental Instruction. SI is a resource available for students to help them succeed in classes that have been deemed appropriately difficult.  

If you have taken a class that offers SI, you can also recall receiving at least three emails a week from your assigned SI leader. I get the feeling, though, that not enough students understand what a benefit SI can give in these classes. 

The proof is in the pudding. SI’s website flaunts some serious statistics, claiming that the average percentage of students passing the class that attended SI is anywhere from 5-12% higher than others who did not attend.  

Beyond the glaring facts, it just makes sense. SI leaders provide students with test reviews during the week of a test, which can give students direct information about the upcoming test’s content.  

SI leaders do incredible amounts of hard work to create these informative sessions. Jackson Harrell, an SI leader for Calculus I said, “My experience with SI has been incredible. The program has helped me better my learning habits, teaching abilities and time management.”  

Beyond that, the benefit for students is clear.

Because most of my students are usually freshmen, I have watched SI teach so many students how to study now that they are in college instead of high school. Many students don’t start attending SI until after the first test, and I’ve seen students go from failing their first exam of the semester to acing their second exam,” said Harrell. 

Supplemental Instruction is not just a Mississippi State University offering. University of Missouri-Kansas City originally created the idea, and it has spread all over the world.

According to the UMKC, “Supplemental Instruction is a non remedial approach to learning that supports students toward academic success by integrating ‘what to learn’ with ‘how to learn.’” 

Numbers do not lie. These programs are included in the price of tuition, so why not get your money’s worth? SI is an excellent way for students to have access to a tutoring program without spending more money. Just visiting a few sessions makes an impact. Getting serious about your education takes more than just a dream of a higher GPA. 

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Lucy Hallmark
Lucy Hallmark, Opinion Editor
Lucy Hallmark is a sophomore biochemistry major from Summit, Mississippi. She currently serves as the Opinion Editor. [email protected]
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SI sessions are worth the effort