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‘Helldivers 2’ invites gamers to spread democracy

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“Helldivers 2” is available on both PC and PlayStation 5.

“Helldivers 2” was released Feb. 8 on PC and PlayStation 5 by independent Swedish developer Arrowhead Game Studios. Since its release, millions of players have responded to the urgent call to spread democracy throughout the game’s universe, evoking an uproar of praise from gamers everywhere.

“Helldivers 2” is a unique game that requires players to fight against either bugs or robots on various planets throughout the universe. Goals vary, but the overall mission for players is “the spread of democracy.”

The game requires that players always play online, which may be upsetting to some gamers. However, with a game that is always online, anyone can join in on any of their friends’ games at any point in time, which adds to the unique experience.

The reason the game succeeds lies in its uniqueness. “Helldivers 2” does not pit player against player, despite being fully online. It relies on interesting enemy types, tough missions and the opportunity for players to joke around with each other to pull it through.

The game allows for friendly fire, which makes it easy for friends to attack each other, but it also means that calling in a 500 kilogram bomb might kill your friends if you do not do it strategically. The design of combat for the game is what keeps players coming back.

On top of forcing strategic play, the game gets praise for two other massive reasons: its cinematic and chaotic qualities.

Jake Baldino of YouTube’s Gameranx released a video review of the game in which he described how he felt about the gameplay and its open-world elements.

“It’s just a perfect recipe for shooting and exploding everything with your friends online,” Baldino said. “…the sandbox, freedom approach to weapons and encounters and the way that characters move and dive around and animate just make for some really funny laugh out loud moments as all players inevitably make mistakes.”

Players have praised how cinematic the game is. Hard work spent on the visual effects in the game, such as the explosions, has led simple actions to create massive cinematic events.

All this put together has led to an online firestorm of love for the game. So much so, that console players on both Xbox and PlayStation are coming together to fight to get the game on all platforms.

Lee D’amato of Screenrant wrote that there is a petition to put the game on Xbox, which currently has over 80,000 signatures.

“Check the comments on any social media post from the game’s official channels, and there’ll be thousands of ‘Starship Troopers’ Gifs amid demands to see the game on Xbox,” D’amato wrote.

As “Helldivers 2” reaches one month since its release date, the game shows no signs of slowing down. Players’ love for the game is only growing, and as it is nearly half the price of most Triple A titles releasing today, fans have more than enough reason to get in on the action.

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John Baladi
John Baladi, Life & Entertainment Editor
John Baladi is a senior business administration major. He currently serves as the Life & Entertainment Editor. [email protected]
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    CalebFeb 29, 2024 at 10:28 pm

    Please allow Xbox players to join the community! I’ve been seeing videos of players wishing for Xbox community to join the fight. It frustrates me watching players struggle to defend planets due to the lack of reinforcements. We have the experience to handle situations like this. Give us a chance!!! Please!!