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The benefits of science outweigh disadvantages

Science is the accumulation of intellectual and practical knowledge in a systematic method to create general truths on the operation of the universe, the physical world and its phenomena. 

It allows researchers to learn about new ideas with practical applications in human life, and the ability to create new machines that increase productivity and save lives. 

Science often provides the knowledge needed to create new pieces of technology; technology helps enable scientific advances. 

Despite all of this, some communities around the world strongly believe that science is a threat to humanity. 

According to the International Business Times, even Stephen Hawking thinks science is one of the biggest threats to humanity.

According to Psychology Today, science and technology have molded new communications that have dissolved traditional families and led people to the creation of harmful new relationships. 

Others argue that science has created new means for the state to control the lives of its citizens and that science leads to the damaging of the environment. 

The negative points against science are limited only by our imaginations, but I argue  science is the wonderful discovery and use of knowledge to make our lives better. 

It is how we became the dominant species on earth—using tools and techniques to improve our living standards and take control of our environment. 

Technological advances have enabled humans to become removed from the basic toil needed to survive and to consider other pursuits. 

Science has created modern communication systems which allow individuals to communicate across the globe with friends and relatives. 

According to Margaret Lynch, in a recent research paper titled, “Ethical Issues in Systems of Electronic Communication,” communications also allow humanity to deal with wider problems collectively where this was previously impossible. 

One example is how technology has allowed collective action to deal with natural disasters such as flooding or tsunamis. 

Humans should admire that science has allowed much greater medical care for the sick and disabled in society. 

According to the Medical Encyclopedia, scientific progress has led to increased lifespans and the treatment of previously terrible diseases, such as cholera. 

In addition, increased crop yields from scientific-intensive farming are providing enough food for the world.  

Science has also enabled those who were born with disabilities to live better lives, as society is able to adapt and accommodate them.

Science is not a threat to mankind; it is misuse of science by selfish or misguided people that is the real issue. Knowledge of the functioning of the universe is at base ethically neutral.

Science is a tool to improve the well-being of humanity and increase life choices. Like any tool it can be misused—thus, it should be regulated and used carefully.  

There must be checks from the government to make sure science does not go further and faster than the people feel is good for them. 

It is only through regulation, checks and inspections that we can make sure science is used for good rather than ill and ensure that the research is performed in a moral way. 

Possible misuse is not a reason to outrightly ban such an important concept. In the words of W. Louis, “Knowledge is morally neutral in that it has no preferences itself.” 



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The benefits of science outweigh disadvantages