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Bathroom Reviews, Week 2: Sigma Phi Epsilon has menstrual products in women’s restroom

Landon Scheel | The Reflector
Bathroom Reviews, Week 2: Sigma Phi Epsilon has menstrual products in their women’s restroom

Last week on the inaugural edition of Bathroom Reviews, bathrooms from Allen Hall, Old Main and Perry were reviewed, to name a few. The lows were low, and the highs were high. This week, I am diving further into the lore of Mississippi State University bathrooms, once again highlighting the good, the bad and the smelly. After all, with the sheer number of bathrooms on campus, I could not in good conscience stop at six reviews.
Just as last time, this only gender neutral and women’s bathrooms, and each is rated out of ten based on overall experience, factoring in cleanliness, privacy and resources. 
Lee Hall (fourth floor), 7.5/10 

  • Very clean 
  • Not much foot traffic 
  • Washington, D.C. flashbacks

These bathrooms on the fourth floor of Lee Hall are located right next door to the president’s office. I am not sure if it is the placebo effect, but these bathrooms gave me severe flashbacks to all of the bathrooms I visited in Washington, D.C. Why? Not sure. Perhaps proximity to someone with the title of president? They were extremely clean — exactly what one would expect from the president. The stall doors were almost identical to the doors in Old Main Academic Center (re: the good ones). This bathroom was perfectly on par. 
McComas Hall (basement), 5/10 

  • Hard to find  
  • Private 
  • Smells nice

McComas Hall is a building that I would avoid at all costs if you need a bathroom on a time crunch. It took me an embarrassingly long time to even find the stairwell, much less the bathrooms in the basement itself. The good news is that you probably will not have a problem finding an open stall, since most people will get lost on the way there. The bathroom was outdated but very clean (maybe due to being unused). I was also pleasantly surprised by the smell of this bathroom, which was aided by a Glade plug-in. 
Colvard Student Union (First floor), 7/10 

  • Lots of stalls 
  • Central location (Is this a plus? Depends on your plans.) 
  • Relatively clean with a tendency to get a bit dirty 

This bathroom is genuinely the definition of what should be average in a perfect world, but last week I wrote reviews for bathrooms in Perry that had standing water (I hope) on the floor. My scale is off. There is really nothing to complain about here. I never have to wait for a stall, it is well stocked and there are no significant gaps in the stall doors. It tends to get a little dirty, but this is likely due to the amount of people that come through these bathrooms on any given day, not the effort of the janitorial staff.   
Colvard Student Union (second floor), 8.5/10 

  • Clean 
  • Lots of stalls 
  • Less used

This bathroom is almost identical to the first floor bathrooms; however, it does not get half of the foot traffic. All of this culminates into a near-perfect bathroom. Very clean and extremely nice. 
Sanderson Center (to the left when you enter), 5/10 

  • Not well known 
  • Not extremely clean 
  • Water on counter 
  • Only two stalls 

The biggest downfall for this bathroom is that it only has two stalls, and it is not overwhelmingly clean. I have definitely seen worse, but I have also gotten my shirt wet on multiple occasions due to the countertop being soaked with water. I do not think it is a leakage issue, so I am not sure what the reason behind it is. It is an unsolvable mystery. Oh, and I almost forgot, there are typically no paper towels and the air dryer is absolutely horrific. It could not dry a quarter-sized puddle, much less your hands after washing.  
Sigma Phi Epsilon house, 7/10

  • Decently clean 
  • Period products 
  • Not going to lie, I have only ever been in this bathroom with friends, never actually used the restroom myself. For the sake of my own integrity, I feel this piece of information must be included. 

I genuinely did not know what to expect, since I visited this bathroom at a party. I really think things could have gone much worse. In fact, I would say the experience was genuinely pleasant. The bathroom was clean. There were only two stalls, but I feel that for this location, it makes sense. You cannot expect a Student Union-sized bathroom in a fraternity house; it is just impractical. The real winner of this bathroom is the small organizer on the counter, which was fully stocked with pads and tampons. Seriously, at the time of writing this review, there is no other bathroom on campus that has had period products, much less available for free and at a fraternity house, no less.
Stick around for next week, where we ask the question: how many consecutive weeks of bathroom reviews will they let me publish?

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Lucy Hallmark
Lucy Hallmark, Opinion Editor
Lucy Hallmark is a sophomore biochemistry major from Summit, Mississippi. She currently serves as the Opinion Editor. [email protected]
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Bathroom Reviews, Week 2: Sigma Phi Epsilon has menstrual products in women’s restroom