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Loaded teas: Are they worth the hype?

Jordan Smith | The Reflector

Georgia Hamilton, sophomore finance major, sips a loaded tea called “Captain America” from Starkville Nutrition, located off of Russell Street.

Loaded tea shops have found their way to Starkville in two locations: Starkville Nutrition, located on Russell Street near McCallister’s and 39759 Nutrition, located on Highway 12 near Moreland Storage.

The point of a loaded tea is to drink something which not only tastes good but is also healthy. In my opinion, nutrition shops have accomplished the goal. A loaded tea is different than most teas. A loaded tea provides energy throughout the day and is made with antioxidants. The type of different teas used to make loaded teas are green, black and oolong tea. These teas help with energy and metabolism.  

Loaded teas are generally made with no sugar, only contain around 24 calories and have many different vitamins. The teas also have 175-200 mg of caffeine for energy. They contain ginseng and guarana for hunger control and mental focus. There is also aloe in the loaded teas for digestion and absorption. Each loaded tea has a base using Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate. This base stimulates the body’s metabolism and is available in a variety of flavors. This is the standard for most loaded teas, but each is a little different from one another.

There are teas made specifically for beauty that have added protein, collagen and biotin to help with hair, skin and nails. The benefits provided from the tea is up to the consumer since there is a wide variety to choose from.

Common questions that arise when talking about the teas are: Are loaded teas worth it? Are they just a trend? There are differing local opinions on the teas. Laney McGuffee, a junior at Mississippi State University majoring in special education, did not have the best experience with loaded teas.

“I tried one once, and I have yet to try one again,” McGuffee said. “To me, they are a little overpriced, and it tasted so strong that my face was scrunched up the whole time I drank it.”

McGuffee said she did not notice anything regarding the benefits which are supposed to come from the drink.

“I didn’t feel very energized. I didn’t see a point getting anymore loaded teas because it just felt pointless,” McGuffee said.

On the other hand, Emily O’Rear, a senior communication major, regularly buys loaded teas because she enjoys them. O’Rear also agreed the loaded teas are a trend.

“When they first came out, there was one shop, and then there was 40 within 10 miles of the next one,” O’Rear said. “They were everywhere. Everyone had to have loaded tea, and they would post them on their stories and tag these nutrition shops. Not that people don’t drink them now, but they don’t post about it as much, and I don’t think that they feel a need to have them anymore as much they did in the beginning.”

Maley Moak, a freshman majoring in biological sciences, works at one of the nutrition shops in Starkville. Moak gave some insight into why loaded are good for you.

“I’d say that the best thing about loaded teas is that they are energy drinks with 200 mg of caffeine, but they are sugar-free,” Moak said. “They have vitamins A, B, C and E in the drinks, so they are all healthy and good for you.”

Consumers can purchase Herbalife Herbal Tea from select tea shops as well as online to try and make loaded teas at home. There are also multiple recipes online for homemade loaded teas.

Personally, I enjoy loaded teas. I do think they are a trend, but I also think they are more than that. I get the Pretty-N-Pink, which is a beauty line drink. To me, it makes me feel a little more energized, fuller for longer and I believe the vitamins work to better my health. Overall, I think loaded teas taste good and do what they are supposed to do. 

Whether or not the price is worth it is up to the customer, but if you haven’t tried one before, now might be the time. 

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Loaded teas: Are they worth the hype?