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A first-year student’s experience of Bulldog Bash

Rachel Bowman

DNCE Headlined this year’s Bulldog Bash, which took place on Friday.

Bulldog Bash: a night of friends, music and body odor galore. As a first-time attendee of Bulldog Bash, it was a success and a night to remember.

Watching Elliot Root, Vinyl Theatre and DNCE within arm’s length was a once in a lifetime experience.

Despite being further from campus, moving locations to Downtown Starkville was a smart move. Downtown Starkville was spacious and provided more room for everyone in attendance. There was even space for street vendors throughout the concert.

While the show was spectacular, there are a few words of wisdom I hope future attendees of Bulldog Bash take into consideration for next year.

First, wear an excessive amount of deodorant. If you think have too much on, you are wrong. Many of my fellow spectators missed that memo.

As they waved their arms in excitement to Vinyl Theatre top hits, I hit by an ungodly wave of body odor. Yes, it is hot and people will sweat, but please, wear plenty of deodorant for the sake of those around you.

Second, do not wear heels. Walking, standing and jumping for hours in anything other than tennis shoes or converses is a sure-fire way to end up with permanent blisters.

Nobody is looking at your feet when Joe Jonas and his mustache are on the stage performing.

Third, consider what you are wearing. You are about to get up-close and personal with about 30,000 people, most of whom are probably strangers.

It will be hot, sweaty and smelly. Wear something comfortable, loose and avoid pleather at all costs. Every band member on stage was noticeably soaked in sweat so it is unlikely anyone will leave a concert in pristine condition.

Fourth, arrive early. The height of the crowds was towards the end of the night when DNCE took the stage. However, Hood Baby & the Barnacles, Elliot Root and Vinyl Theatre put on an amazing show.

The Mississippi State University Student Association makes a conscious effort to get bands students will enjoy so it is definitely worth getting there early to enjoy that part of the experience.

Fifth, find a spot and stay there. In your head, it might sound like a good idea to push through the crowd to get closer, but after a certain point, there is physically no room to get closer to the stage.

If you want to be in the front, you should arrive for the first lineup, not 15 minutes before the headliner takes the stage. Ramming into people is only going to leave you frustrated and make everyone else around you angry.

Pick a place to enjoy the concert and stay in that place. No cares if it’s your birthday or if you are Joe Jonas’ long-lost fraternal twin. Everyone is there for the same reason as you: to enjoy the music and have a good time.

Overall, Bulldog Bash exceeded my expectations. Every band gave a spectacular live performance and the crowds responded with enthusiasm. I am sure next year will be equally impressive and just as entertaining.

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A first-year student’s experience of Bulldog Bash